Daddy Pooped In My Diaper!

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Daddy! Its time to put on my diaper! I am a cute little baby who loves to wear diapers! I like to wear fresh, clean diapers so I can fill them with my own nasty filth! But when I ask Daddy to put my diaper on he shows me a filthy, nasty diaper overflowing with disgusting poop! Daddy pooped in my diaper! Gross! I am a very unhappy baby! I dont want to wear daddys poop in my diaper! It is gross and stinky! I beg my Daddy to give me a clean diaper but he wont! He says I HAVE to put on the diaper he pooped in! Ive never seen a nastier diaper! It is stinky and filthy! I have no choice though! I have to do as my Daddy says. After a lot of complaining I finally put on the disgusting diaper! It feels so nasty wearing a diaper filled with someone elses shit! Yuck!

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