Dirty Diaper Girl - Parts 1, 2, and 3

Poop diaper girl and videos of shitting women

Super long combination video of Parts 1, 2, AND 3 of the Dirty Diaper Girl series! Part 1 - I am a happy diaper baby! I love to play in my diaper because I am a dirty nasty girl! I think that it is so fucked up and wrong to dress like a cute little girl and put on a diaper to shit it! It turns me on to be that fucked up! This is the first part of a three part series. Watch me put on my nice clean diaper while I talk about how nasty and perverted I am! I love being dirty! I roll around in my clean diaper and look cute! I suck on my pacifier and I get to be the cute dirty baby that I love to be! Then the need to poo in my diaper is too much! I push and push out a nice big load! It takes a while and turns me on so much! I get so happy when I have a diaper full of piss and shit! I roll around and giggle and laugh and smile so happily! Then I remember that you probably want to see my poopy diaper! Do you want to see? Take a look! It?s nice and full of delicious smelly shit! Part 2 - After taking a massive dump in my pretty little diaper I take my diaper off and play with my smelly poop! Time to play dirty messy games with my poo poos! I dip my pacifier in it and then clean it off! MMM! Dirty pacifier tastes so good! I play with my doll in my poop! My little baby doll likes to play in my poop as much as I do! My butt it very dirty! I wish you were here to wipe it up with my soft baby wipes! I slowly clean my ass, wiping all the shit and piss off of it! There wipe is stained with my shit! So I stuff it in my mouth! MMM! yummy happy baby shit girl! Watch this fun, happy, nasty video with lots of perverted age play fun and fucked up shit play! Part 3 - I made a big shitty mess in my fluffy diaper earlier! I am tired of playing in a diaper so I put on my pretty pink plastic diaper and fill it with my smelly poo poos! I love my plastic diapers because you can see through them! Doesn?t my shit look so goo trapped in my diaper? I fill it with my pungent piss! Now my shit can slide and slosh around in my ass! It bumps against my aroused pussy and clit! Mmm! It feels amazing! I roll around in the messy diaper! I can smell the piss soaked shit stinking up the place! I want it all over me! I bring out my bath brush and dip it in my nasty messy diaper! I start to ?clean? myself with my shit covered bath brush! I smear my shit all over my happy baby body! I?m so turned on! I know I need to cum! Want to watch the nasty fucked up way I make myself cum for you? Enjoy!

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