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Mistress Anna – Eat my ass

Eat my ass 02

So I allow the slave to clean my shoes, but even this simple task requires many explicit directions and lots of use of my whip. Sometimes I think that having a slave is more work for me than for the slave. The important thing is to resist the temptation to help the pervert, say, by shifting my position to make it easier for the slave to lick the bottom of my shoes. I don’t life my shoe, the slave bends its back lower. The more it spends time on its knees, the more like a pig it learns to move, the better it is for me and the more accepting of its place in my life as a shit receptacle it becomes. The process of watching another ‘human’ degrade itself is always a bit stimulating and so I decide to allow the slave the supreme privilege of licking my pussy. The delicate hairs of my intimate female orifice brush against the pig’s face as it enthusiastically licks the fount of my womanhood. Receiving pleasure from a being one has degraded and denied all pleasure is sexually stimulating and you get to hear my soft sighs of pleasure. It sounds like a baby sucking its mother’s breast, it is so rhythmic and loud. But in the end it has only one real use for me, and I briskly order the slave, “into the toilet”. I use my low toilet so that the slave can get its tongue completely up my ass. It enters a brainfucking-like state where its mind and soul are completely enveloped in my ass and I use the time that it is in this state to further its ‘re-programming’ with my gentle voice, “you are not human, you are just a toilet.” Harsh, degrading words, but ones that will ultimately make it easier for the slave to accept its fate. I manipulate its dick and slap its balls, alternately, reminding it, “you are a tragedy.” I put a vibrator on its “dick” and flick its balls with my fingers, further conditioning it to connect pleasure and pain, stimulation and humiliation. Finally, it makes its little mess, squatting its sperm on its own stomach and on my floor. Of course there is only one place for it to go, into its own toilet mouth. I am pleased that it is just and fearful and obedient after it has expelled its brain tissue and I direct it to the pathetic puddle on the floor. It licks with fear and enthusiasm and makes a loud slurping sound as it sucks the scum from my floor. Making the slave debase itself after orgasm is one of my favorite forms of cruelty. Watch Mistress Anna – Eat my ass

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My grateful piece of shit

Grateful piece of shit 01

My slave write me a letter! It says how grateful he is being my slave. I do not know whether it is rousing or rather pathetic hahaha. Anyway, he got a fresh turd in his mouth for breakfast! Oh, and here is the letter translated, for you can see how stupid can be this shiteater hahaha! “Thank you Goddess Scatha for let me be your slave and treat me like a human crap. I’m very happy being a piece of shit at your service. Thank you for trampling, burning and use me like a trash can or an ashtray. I love to lick clean your dirty soles with my tongue, and of course to do the same with your asshole before you shit. Thank you for control my money and spend it for me, it’s the least you deserve for giving me the privilege of use my nasty mouth like your personal toilet and let me eat your delicious shit. I hope to can be at your service and at the service of you will want. At your feet, your Piece of Shit.” Watch My grateful piece of shit

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Christina’s foot in shit – I licked everything!

Foot in shit 01

Today, Christine has rigidly used my mouth! In the process of eating, Christina struck me with her leg in a jauntish manner, so that my wounds showed up in my mouth (we agreed on this – I wanted to feel it). Shit in your mouth feels much stronger when there are scratches in your mouth. It was so great that at the end it seemed to me that only a few minutes had passed, I was surprised when I found out that it lasted almost 20 minutes! Watch Christina’s foot in shit – I licked everything!

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Toilet slave quickly swallows shit of two girls

Swallows shit 01

I met these beautiful girls on facebook, their names are Milana (the girl in the white mask) and Katya (the girl in the red mask). We agreed that we meet in the morning and they poping in my mouth. About the fact that I intend to completely swallow their shit, they found out a few minutes before the shooting of the video and were very surprised. Before shooting, they did not pooping 2 days, so when they met they often farted, and I enjoyed their wonderful smells.  I’m glad that I did this and I was not even sick of swallowing, only at the end of the video and only 1 time! I completely swallowed their shit, they hit me in the mouth in turn. They had a completely different taste of shit, but the consociation was similar, but the first girl had softer shit. I have inspired myself that it is very tasty and with great pleasure swallowed and experienced an amazing feeling! Watch Toilet slave quickly swallows shit of two girls

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Toilet slave eats shit Christina with panties and ass

Toilet slave 01

Today I’m full of Christina shit! It had a pleasant smell and taste. I really enjoyed doing this dirty but delicious work. Before shooting, we agreed in advance how everything will be – after Christina has shuffled, I must clean her panties and ass very clean, first with her tongue, and in the end with a sanitary napkin! In the process of eating shit Christina I did not feel sick – it was very nice and easy! Download Toilet slave eats shit Christina with panties and ass

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New girl Christina pooping in toilet

Christina pooping 01

I met this sports girl on facebook. Her name is Christina, she is 22 years old, height is 172 cm, breast size is 2. She said she was pooping every morning. She has an excellent consistency of shit for swallowing – not too hard and not too liquid. In the process of pooping, she silently and sexually farts! I hope that in the near future I will persuade her to come to my studio and shit me in the mouth. I’m looking forward to when I can taste the taste of her shit in my mouth. Watch New girl Christina pooping in toilet

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Milana pooping at home in toilet and making selfies

Milana pooping 01

The most beautiful place for any toilet slave is a female toilet! In the ladies’ room, the girl feels great, there she relaxes completely. Therefore, I really want to be there next to the girl at the time of defecation and feel and inhale her smells! This video of Milan made at home in the toilet. Her mother was at home at this moment. Download Milana pooping at home in toilet and making selfies

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