Eat shit slave

Eat shit slave 02

This is entirely from the point of view of the slave beneath the toilet seat. That way, you can imagine you are in his place while you masturbate. I walk in on my slave who is already positioned under the toilet. I begin by whipping the slave, who makes some nice pathetic noises, especially when the whip hits its ‘penis’. Then I sit on my throne and offer my perfect ass for its worship. I insert my poo into its mouth with almost surgical precision and it ends up with a perfect little ball on top of its mouth. The sun is shining directly on my ass and you get the most detailed closeup image of my ass and asshole in a video yet. Then I leave over the toilet seat to give the slave direct encouragement to do its duty. I try reasoning with it. “Does a toilet need a dick?” Then I try my whip again and warn him what comes next. “Eat now, or I WILL CUT YOUR DICK!” Watch Eat shit slave

Eat shit slave 03

Eat shit slave 04

Eat shit slave 05

Eat shit slave 07

Eat shit slave 09

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