Human Pee Hole!

Human pee hole!

What if you woke up one day and found a human pee hole in your bathroom, complete with binds so I wont’ be able to move? You’d come closer to take a look would you? My mistress’ bladder is constantly full because she likes diet soda, and human pee holes like me, we stay perfectly still when we see those FILTHY panties go down, completely with skid marks and pee splashes, and we see crusty pussies that are ready to blow. I grip the pee bottle tightly with my mouth because I have to get this right the first time. There are no re-dos and my mistress would hate it if she missed because of me. I could smell her wonderful ass and salty pussy from where I am on the floor, and I can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t ask me to clean them more often. I hear the ‘shrrrt!’ of pee as it escapes her, and I ready my throat for the usually very warm and slightly salty shower she has in store form. She gives me a good amount and I take my time gulping it, savoring the rich flavor of her pee. It’s like good, or even better. She shuffles around a bit, looking for the special pitcher. She has more? I hear the loud splash of piss as it hit the side of the plastic pitcher. Her pee smells stronger this time as it bubbles on the bottom of the pitcher. She smiles at me as she removes the bottle from my mouth and forms a cone with my lips. She pours the new piss into my mouth, and I generously gulp it, washing my mouth, lips, tongue and throat with the golden elixir. I am the bound pee hole – envy me! Watch Human Pee Hole! video

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