Beg Me to Shit

Beg me to shit02

My slave is on the ground and is very excited to be allowed to eat my shit again. He is happy! But I want to torment him. I sit on top of his face and make him lick my dirty feet. Nevertheless, he still thinks that it starts immediately. But far from it: I shit on his face. Put it in his mouth, and he may eat it! He should beg! I laugh at him and explain that he is not even good at serving as a toilet! Watch Beg Me to Shit video

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Dirty Morning Shit and Enema

Dirty morning shit and enema02

I’ll show you how bad have to poo and it’s only early morning. I realized tiny piece of shit under my butt hole. Show off for you, puckering asshole few times. I have a purpose today which is making sort of big and dirty mess giving myself enema too. Sounds good? 🙂 Backward I release my shit. Stinky, nasty big pile of poo. Then I start giving enema many times. Lots of nasty and juicy wet noises coming out from my ass. Finally I show off the mess on the floor for you. Enjoy it! Watch Dirty Morning Shit and Enema video

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Shitting, eating and facesitting

Shitting, eating and facesitting

I sat on my toilet slave’s face, started shitting, and he dropped it. Eat the toilet, I’ll stuff everything in, eat everything. Chokes, can’t breathe, swallows fast. I’ll help him with the whip. The flogging stimulates the process of taking a shit inside. Now let’s sit on his face with our ass. Swallow, I won’t get up until you eat everything. Now lick it. Ugh, your tongue and face are dirtier than my ass. Now your mouth looks like an ass, covered in shit. Watch Shitting, eating and facesitting video

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Panty pooping Severe constipation and Struggle with rock solid shit

Panty pooping severe constipation and struggle with rock solid shit

I’ve been holding my poop for 4 days cause I’ve been waiting for you to witness me taking a shit. I’ve got a surprise for you: I want you to watch me poop in my white panties. I’ve been holding it for so long that it doesn’t want to come out! I want to make my body understand that now is the time to let that poop come out. I have to move my body and relax… I walk a bit, move sensually, tease you by showing you under my skirt before to take it off.

Does it make you horny? How much you want to see me poop in those panties and make them dirty? I can feel my poop inside, it is slowly going down. I take off my shirt. I feel like it’s going to be a very hard log. I come closer to the camera and start pushing. This shit is rock hard! You can hear me moan and grunt as I push, push, push!… Finally some shit comes out, creating a bump in my panties. There is still more! I use my hand to feel my shit, it is incredibly hard! My asshole is still wide open and there is a piece of shit halfway out. I continue pushing and you can see the bump moving as I push, but that damn piece of shit doesn’t want to come out. I push, push, push again until that rock hard shit finally comes out of my tight asshole. Wow! I really felt like I gave birth to my shit, it was so hard to make it come out!

I tease you by showing you the bump my shit has created. I go closer and farther to the camera in multiple positions. I stand up and walk a bit and move my dirty ass. I love knowing that you are stroking your cock to my dirty panties right now! I feel the bump with my hands and comment on how hard it is. Then I decide to sit on the bar stool and try to squish the shit all over my panties by humping the chair. But believe it or not, that shit is so hard that even after putting all my weight on it, it kept its original shape! It actually feels like I’m sitting on something really really hard… just like your dick! I stand up and tease you with my dirty panties again. I touch the bump and you can see the rock hard pieces through the fabric. Incredible!

I want you to cum for my pooped filled panties! Do you want me to remove my panties? I take them off and show you my dirty asscheeks. I show you my shit and the inside of my panties from a closer angle and then tease you with my dirty ass. Don’t you wanna put your cock in my dirty asshole right now? I also show you my very hard poop from a closer angle. Watch Panty pooping Severe constipation and Struggle with rock solid shit video

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Toilet Time 70 – 71

Toilet time 70 71

The ULTIMATE in bowel movement relieve! I pushed out quite the big amount of soft & creamy turds out in this one causing severe splash-back again. It just goes to show that us girls can match guys toe to toe when it comes to taking big & nasty shits – From Toilet Time 70 How much do I REALLY enjoy knowing so many guys out there are watching me take a dump? You’re about to find out as you’ll see my pee looks milky. That is because my virginal juices were leaking and mixing with my pee. Yup, I get pretty aroused when I’m about to take a big shit. Not only does it feel good but it’s extremely erotic knowing how many of you will see me do this – From Toilet Time 71 Be sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo Watch Toilet Time 70 – 71 video

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Magen-Fest & Nagel-Test!

Magen fest & nagel test02

Mistress Carter receives in her noble studio Versus, once again her slave Saurich! First of all, he has to once again prove his services as a mistress! But what presents a great challenge to others is just a pleasure for Saurich, and so a nice Kackwurst finds its way into his mouth! A true feast for the slave, but a portion is still stuck in the mendicant! But Mistress Carter would not be a Dirty Games idol if she did not know a few tricks, and so berries, lolly, and chocolate find their way into the goddess rosette to mine the last brown gold! After a shower, Saurich is already ready for the next atrocities! But one thing you should know about Mister Carter, first it comes differently and secondly as you (n) think! And so is a nice squared timber, a few nails and a hammer ready to test the slave’s scrotum! Watch Magen-Fest & Nagel-Test! video

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