Best Kassiane Arquetti scat movies from SG-Video

Hello, my name is Kassiane Arquetti and i was born in Brazil. I work as a model in Sao Paulo and love my job. Im often in television here. When i was asked to play in movies for SG-Video i was afraid about my carrier in brazil. But because this kint of movies facinated me, i sayd fuck of, i will do it. I loved to press my big shit into the other girls and tell them to swallow it. Unfortently because of my carrer i had to stop after a few of movies, because my agent told me that. But i enjojed my time at SG and i made facinating movies and made the top seller – Scat Cleopatra! All my movies i made with pleasure, dont wait and see all of them 🙂 Kisses from me – Your Kassiane Arquetti. Please visit official SG-Video website to download my videos.

Kassiane arquetti scat 01

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Pee, shit and face trampling

Shit and face trampling 01

There we go with a very complete video! First you see how I pee and shit in POV, while I rest my feet in shoe heels in the disgusting face of my slave. After that, I make him lick me clean standing with my heels in his legs smoking a cigarrete. So painfull! Then I decide to empty all the ashtray content in his mouth and trample his face ruthless and fullweight with my beautiful feet. Poor slave, everyday his life seems to be a bit stronger… And a bit confortable for me hahaha! Watch Pee, shit and face trampling

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Uncontainable creamy shit

Uncontainable creamy shit 01

Oh my god! I was quietly in home, just I arrived and a began to feel a terrible stomach ache! By luck, my slave was on the floor, such usually, and I take advantage for take a very big and nasty creamy shit all over his face! hahaha! Then, relieved, I smoke a cigarrete contemplating my work of art. What a filthy pig, he was getting a lot of fun with al my shit in his ugly face. He can’t avoid the temptation and started eat for himself the semi-diarrhea I gifted him. But it would be too easy, I smother him with the plastic paper, suffocating him and pushing down his head in all the stink crap while I spit him too. Enjoy it! Watch Uncontainable creamy shit

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