Very painful eating shit Christina

Painful eating shit 02

I did not dare to do this video for a long time, but I did it all the same! As I assumed after the video, I had hundreds of wounds in my mouth and lips, which were very painful, but at the time of shooting I did not feel pain, but only enjoyed it. Christina was very cruel and ruthless – I was completely in her power and served her. She was well prepared, ate a lot – ate pizza, rolls and other food (last night she spent with her boyfriend, Christina told me that they watched movies all evening and ordered with delivery of pizza and rolls) – she furiously shit with a fart! It was really tasty, and the smell was amazing !! Download Very painful eating shit Christina

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Infinite Toilet Hole

Infinite toilet hole 01

Are you ready, my toilet? You really want to eat my huge smelly delicious shit? Well, I’m do it for you! Just open your mouth and swallow my stinky fragrant shit. I will use your mouth instead of a garbage can. Be my toilet paper, lick my asshole carefully. Do you want even more shit? Now I will spit in your mouth and you will have to swallow everything that proceeds from me in your running toilet mouth. You toilet hole, you pathetic being. Haha. Watch Infinite Toilet Hole

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Goddes Emily shit in the mouth

Scat goddess emily 01

I decided to play with my toilet again. I torture and smother my toilet slave. Then I put the shoes on his face and make him to smell delicious aroma of my legs. Toilet slave was very hungry and wanted that I’m feed him with my delicious shit. He was laying on the floor and I am sitting on the toilet over his face. I shit a monster load directly into slave mouth. He must to swallow it, but it is too much for him. I smeared the rest of my shit on his face and spat in his mouth. Download Goddes Emily shit in the mouth

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Real Toilet Domination from Mistress

Real toilet domination 01

If you want to be a toilet for Mistress, then you must have this video! Mistress Emily humiliate her slave and shit in his mouth. First slave must carefully to lick her asshole and entere his tongue deep into her anus, to relax her before feeding the slave. She sits down on the toilet and command the slave to open his mouth. Then shitting into a slave’s mouth with great pleasure. Look at his face, it is completely covered with delicious shit of Mistress Emily. You want to be in the slave’s place, isn’t it? Just watch how I use my toilet slave and enjoy. Watch Real Toilet Domination from Mistress

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Under My Shitty Ass

My shitty ass 01

I want to play with my toilet slave again and to watch how he is humiliated and suffers my mockeries. Today he will be my toilet and he had to get hungry since I didn’t feed him two days. He cleans my shoes and heels by his dirty slave tongue. And I watch that he to gloss licked my footwear. Then I get up over him, so that his face has appeared directly under my ass and slightly sit down over him. Sweet and dense shit leaves my asshole and comes directly to his throat. He swallows each piece of shit and enjoys… He is waited by one more portion of a big breakfast and sweet piss from Mistress Emily. I’ll spit in his dirty mouth and I will control process of feeding of the slave. If you want to taste delicious breakfast from Mistress Emily, then you must come to me. You are already waited by a portion of my fresh shit. Download Under My Shitty Ass

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Toilet slave swallows shit

Slave swallow shit 01

Today I was rigidly use mouth of the slave! First I filled the slave’s mouth with my shit. I had a lot of shit because I ate a lot during 2 days. Then I spitting and pissing on his face and smoking. He has a nice breakfast. Today I was rigidly use mouth of the slave! First I filled the slave’s mouth with my shit. I had a lot of shit because I ate a lot during 2 days. Then I spitting and pissing on his face and smoking. He had a nice breakfast! Watch Toilet slave swallows shit

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Full Toilet Test

Full toilet test 01

Whether you are ready to test, my toilet? I think that you have no choice, but you have to show the highest class in the skill. You will have to clean my asshole of every little bit of shit? First I will relax while you are cleaning my high heels and my dirty feet. I will gag you with my foot deep in your throat. And after I shit is your turn. Prove to me you’re a slave worthy of ass cleaner to Mistress Emily! Clean this shitty mess that surrounds my asshole! Enjoy the work of my toilet! Download Full Toilet Test

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Delicious Shit for toilet slut

Delicious shit 01

Today I want to bring up the slave and humiliate him again. The slave has to bear obediently humiliations and wait for that moment when I want to feed him from the source. He licks my dirty footwear and sucks my heels. I spit in his mouth and make him swallow my saliva. Then I bring up him a lash, I beat him eggs and his dick! He pettiness and pathetic toilet slut! Everything that I can allow him is to enjoy my shit! I sit down on a chair so his face is under my ass. And I begin to fill his mouth with my delicious shit. Eat all my shit, toilet slut. And enjoy… Download Delicious Shit for toilet slut

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