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For me there is no difference between a real toilet and a living, so slave toilet! Everything I decide belongs in a toilet. So also into a slave! Used tampons! Toilet paper! Snot! Puke! And of course my piss and shit! You’re longing to get really fucked up for once. You want to be used as a full toilet by several women at once. You don’t mind if you get puked on your face. You take it for granted to eat piss and shit. You know that a slave only has a raison d’être as a toilet and litter bin. And as such, you see it as your obligation to swallow everything. Also used tampons! Then you’ve come to the right place. What this means you can see in this video. During the party a loser is used as a toilet, garbage can and vomit cake. Everyone who has to shit, piss or puke, use him and everything lands in his face or mouth! What if his mouth gets clogged? Then you do what you would do with a toilet. You force it in and piss it down. After all, the other women are already waiting to take a shit… Watch Ladys ultimate Toiletslave – Scat and Vomit Humiliation

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What am I gonna do with a loser as a man? He doesn’t understand that the relationship is over. I got a new lover, a real man! I don’t give a shit about losers like him. How do I do that? In this video you can see what it means when women shit on losers! He’s even incapable of swallowing my shit properly. For this he is punished, kicked and beaten. The shit that didn’t fit in his mouth, he licks away with his tongue. At my feet. Attention, nothing for losers with heartache! This is the hard reality! Watch Girls Shit on Ex Boyfriend

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This hotel guest certainly imagined it differently! The dominant ladies show him where his place is. On the floor in the toilet! He is extremely humiliated and abused as a toilet. Licking feet and soles is just the beginning. Everybody shits and pisses in his mouth. An absolutely merciless Scat Torture… See video SCAT TORTURE pretty hostesses mistreated hotel guest

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My toilet slave is tied up like a prisoner and then fed with my shit! I had to poop soo urgently, that was almost unbearable….. Since the toilet failed last time and didn’t swallow everything, he must be punished. His lesson this time, he’s tied to a chair. Then I shit a huge amount of shit in his wife’s plate! With a knife and fork, I’ll put shit in his mouth! In between the piss is washed down with. In the end, he ate everything. Even the toilet paper I wiped my ass with! See full version of Prisoner of goddess is fed with shit

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A poor student is mercilessly punished and humiliated by a young and very attractive teacher. He must drink her piss. After that, the ultimate punishment. The greatest humiliation of all. She’ll put shit in his mouth without saying a word back. First she stands over him with her legs apart, pulls down her high and shits in his mouth. She films him with the camera and asks him again and again to swallow everything. The poor guy has no choice but to obey their orders. Under the strict supervision of the pretty teacher he not only eats her shit but also has to pray to her feet. It won’t be the last time he had to eat your shit. The young teacher obviously enjoys torturing him with her shit. With the video she has it in her hand and will take advantage of it whenever she has to poop. Download University Professor punished student with Scat humiliation

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An absolute loser. Someone who’ll never get a real woman. A person who is actually superfluous in society. What can you do with a man like that? Very simple. He’s being used as a toilet! Of course it is a special honour for him that such sexy women shit in his mouth. A special privilege. He has to pay a lot of money for it! As a matter of fact, his whole month’s salary. Because pretty women would not even shit in the mouth of such a creature for nothing. But that is not enough either. He also has to prove to the ladies that he’s a working full toilet. He has to swallow every gram of this precious shit as proof of his gratitude. Again and again it is used as a toilet, as if it were the most normal in the world. Sometimes hot piss flows into his mouth, sometimes extremely thick shit heap filling his whole mouth. All this under incredible insults and humiliations. Well, that’s life. Some enjoy the luxury, others eat our shit! Watch Glamor Scat Queens have no mercy

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The toilet slave is beaten, kicked and tortured. Over and over again, people shit on his face and in his mouth. Under merciless orders, he’s forced to swallow the shit. Shit is brutally stuffed into his throat. The worst for him is the extreme piss torture. Everyone knows how hard it is to breathe with a wet cloth on your face. Especially when your mouth is full of shit and then the girls piss in your nose… A really incredibly hard Scat Torture! The main thing was that the ladies had their fun and could have a good time with the slave! Watch Incredible scat torture online

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What can you do with a loser? Nothing! Except using it as a toilet. That’s what a loser was born for. swallow piss and shit….. finishedHole! If a loser toilet is good and pays enough money, maybe he can kiss the soles of my shoes. This loser is such a human toilet. He pays his whole salary every month, but he’s still a loser. I piss and shit right in his mouth! So much shit and piss…… He can’t swallow it all. As punishment, he has to eat the shit out of the toilet. Shit about me and my lover who shit in that toilet before. Download Loser Toilet video

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Who would have thought that… A beginner comes to me. It was his first KV session. But I don’t take that into account. Toilet is toilet for me. Hole by hole! I accept only 100% functioning toilets. That means the shit I put in your mouth has to be swallowed completely! This beginner really tries hard and even manages to swallow everything the first time. Even if I had to help a little with slaps in the face and drive the shit in… Watch Beginner swallows shit movie

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Meanwhile I have so many toilets that I have to start placing them in all places. In the office, in the fitness studio, at home, in almost all cities and from today on there is also a toilet in the forest where I sometimes walk my dog. On certain days these toilets must be e.g. the whole morning or evening depending on the when I must shit in ready That means, lie down and wait with open mouth for the mistress. If I have to shit, I just use these objects. Like today, when I was in the woods. Very practical if you always have your toilet close by! Download I shit in my outdoor toilet video