He MUST eat my shit!

Must eat my shit

I’m back, slaves. After a two month’s break, I begin again to upload clips regulary. In this little introduction, I show you how I start to train my slave to eat full loads of shit with his face in a garbage bag, so garbage is just he is for me. This time he was so lucky and, so I had to going out on party with my friends, I let him a portion of shit inlaid in his nose. Of course, after make him eat a big part of my shit, between some spit, snots and a few stombs with my black and sexy boots. He had to stay all night still I come again with my shit glued in his nosetrails, inhaling the smelly odor of my tasty waste. Great pee drinking and shit eating. Watch He MUST eat my shit!

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Cock locked and mouth shitted

Mouth shitted 01

My little poor shit eater since now is going to wear a chastity belt: cumming and erections are not for shit eater pigs like him. In the video I will excite him with the CB locking his useless cock, making him suffer, put her balls blue and kicking them for more fun! hahaha what a fucking loser… Then I make him drink my stinky pee directly of my beautiful pussy and for ending shit in his mouth, puting down the shit with my nice feet! Watch Cock locked and mouth shitted

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Toilet Slavery Torture

Toilet slavery torture 01

This time, before drop a big load of soft smelly shit in his toilet mouth, I’ll make him suffer, begging for I use him like the fucking toilet he is and torturing him with stomps, kicks and clothes pegs in his nipples and balls, while I smoke a cigarrete and humilliate him. Of course, he will get my wished stinky shit filling his mouth, with some of dense spit and my cigarrete but. Hope you enjoy it! Watch Toilet Slavery Torture

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Pay for my shit, loser!

Pay for my shit 01

Here is my stupid slave, payinng me the monthly tribute for be my human toilet and that I shit in his mouth. I earn money abusing him in these clips, but isn’t enough… He must pay for this privilege! I meake him beg for I take the money and shit in his mouth a long and soft turd. Then I trample him with my full weight while I’m smoking a cigarrete. Extreme humiliation for a extreme loser. Watch Pay for my shit, loser!

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Big pile of shit over his nasty face!

Pile of shit 01

Yesterday I didn’t take a shit, and today I had a lot of it acummulated for this pig. After do it I toke a picture of his face covered of creamy and soft shit and warn him that if he isn’t a good boy, I will have to send the picture to all my girlfriends, this way they will know the kind of retarded pig is him! Hahaha! For last I put out all the content of my ashtray in his face and spit him. Watch Big pile of shit over his nasty face!

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