Office Pet Gets Poo Breakfast!

Office pet gets poo breakfast

The office pet was making begging sounds again, and so Aya, the clerk, decided to give the pet his meal for the day. Squatting over his glass feeding bowl, Aya unleashes a strong torrent of piss. This would be the warm soup to keep the pet’s belly perfectly glowing and warm, too. Her anus blossomed just a bit to let out a cute chain of short brown sausages. The turd was soft and perfect, and was notched in just the right places. After unloading several segments into the bowl, she inches toward the human pet and the pet’s face came closer, cleaning her anus ravenously with his tongue. He hasn’t tasted piss and shit in a long while, and this is paradise. After cleaning the mistress’ ass completely, she grabs the pet’s chain and pushes his head to the feeding bowl. The office pet dives into the now dissolving shit and crumbles it in his mouth, using his to get most of it into his mouth. The human pet is visibly quaking from the powerful smell, which was foul and sour, and strong for a first meal. Watch Office Pet Gets Poo Breakfast! video

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Facesitting Shit Hole

Facesitting shit hole

I, Mistress Angelika, in my infinite mercy, have decided to further your descent into toilet-hood by preceding your use as a toilet with prolonged face-sitting. The slave is sexually excited by the view of my ass and my sexy feet while his breathe is robbed by my ass. The sexual pleasure/humiliation mix deepens the slave’s submission. The slave’s tongue, driven by suffocation induced desperation. The sounds of my voice are amazing. Naturally, once I am satisfied, the slave’s sexual stimulation ends. And I need to take a shit. Luckily my slave is already in position. He may not get to orgasm but it will at least have the great honour of serving as my shit hole! I know you are masturbating while watching this video, so remember, before your squirt your penis pus, to beg me for permission, PLEASE MISTRESS ANGELIKA, LET ME BE YOUR TOILET! Watch Facesitting Shit Hole video

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Browned to Perfection: Overloaded Mouth!

Browned to perfection overloaded mouth

The mistress came into the room with the heaviest belly ever. She needed to unload her shit, or else she was going to make a mess out in public. Peeling off her napkin first, she pushes it into the hole, where the head of a shit slaze was waiting. The shit slave looks at the sanitary napkin quizzically before trying to lick the center. It taste of pussy juices, and he loves it. What a treat! Though light in taste and not something it normally consumes, the human toilet is appreciative of whatever is given to it. That is the mark of all good human toilets. Pulling down her pink panties, the mistress closes her eyes and focuses on the dull pain in her belly. She knows it’s going to be a lot so she braces for a storm of shit. It began pouring in thick, brown sausages, one after the other. The shit slithered out of her tight hole landing in tall pile on top of the shit’s slave’s face. The turds were thin and brown, and stank powerfully, coloring the air of the entire room. The shit slave could barely keep up as he tasted the bittersweet sausages already lodging near his throat. The mistress kept pushing and several more segments came out, almost burying the slave’s entire face. Smiling at her work, the mistress takes one final look at the shit slave’s overfilled mouth and pulls up her pink panties. Watch Browned to Perfection: Overloaded Mouth! video

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Midnight Scat Snack

Midnight scat snack

I truly believe everytime a girl shits, it is a form of art…and a masterpiece when a man can be there to receive all she has to offer from inside of her body. These short clip series are really designed to capture the intimacy we men experience on our knees before a beautiful woman, with her asshole spread wide, as we make love to her full butthole with our tongues in preperation for everything that we desire, which is fresh warm scat, from the insides of a super hot woman. This is art and what we live for! (I recently have recevied some feedback regarding my videos about my face being in it too much and me showing to much of me chewing in the videos and jerking off so I have tried to appease you all. I get it you dont want to see my face or me wanking lol you prefer her asshole. I do not blame you! I still am going to be doing scenes like that, however I will specify in the description if it is a scene where there will be a full or partial load eaten or not and my face being seen more then usual so you can decide what you want to see. I try to balance each film out and show not only the act but also the chewing and swallowing and the sheer enjoyment I get from it, which typcially is me cumming. It is a fine line but I am working to find a happy medium for all. If you would like these short clip series to include more of me, perhaps eating and swallowing and then me busting a nut I can record what happended anyway for you and include it!, Happy Jerking Cheers! Watch Midnight Scat Snack video

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BBW Shit Diet

Bbw shit diet

I’m with my BBW girlfriend again. We have a slave that is going to enjoy the luxury of worshiping our feets. He is already on the floor, and we are using him as our footstool. As we allow him to lick and worship our feets, we both decide to enjoy a relaxing and make him to lick our assholes. Our slut has to lie on the floor, and make sure he continues with his licking. Eventually, we decide to use him as our human toilet. He has to make sure he keeps that mouth of his open as we both drop our big logs into his mouth. Our bitch chokes even more, as he take our delicious shit into his mouth. He’s a fortunate slut to have been used and abused by two bbw buttholes… Watch BBW Shit Diet video

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Eat My Shit and Smell It!

Eat my shit and smell it

I handed the plate to him and said, you need to eat all shit, and I want all of it not on this plate. Do you understand? Slave lowered his head and nodded obediently. Are you ready Toilet? After a few seconds I told him to put the plate down. NOW EAT my yeasterday shit! I exclaimed! Slave trembled at the thought. OPEN YOUR MOUTH, PIG! I nudged his head forward with my crop, pushing his agape lips right to the surface of my delicacy on the plate. Take a big bite! Chew with your mouth closed and don’t stop until I tell you to! I dutifully obeyed, chewing her chunky present into a soft mush. Then I stood in front of my toilet, and shit on the bag, which then wore a slave on his head. He breathed my shit and enjoyed the awful smell! Download Eat My Shit and Smell It! movie

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Full Toilet Slave Training #04

Full toilet slave training 104

For months my slave has been begging me to allow him to serve as my toilet… Fine, if that’s what he wants! This is my 4th full-toilet training session with my slave. Last time when I fed him my shit on a plate of microwave ravioli he managed to eat about half so I’ve decided to serve him another delicious meal hoping that he’ll be able to finish it all this time. A Caesar salad topped with my delicious poo, yumm! I sit next to my little toilet and enjoy a cigarette so I don’t have to smell his meal. I ate a lot of stew the day before and that always gives me soft and super smelly shit, quite disgusting really but perfect for aspiring toilets! Hard, soft, or even diarrhea, a toilet has to learn to swallow it all! He struggles to swallow the first few bites despite the salad dressing taking the edge off… This is gonna take a while so I get comfortable resting my feet on his back. When he doesn’t make enough progress, I push his face into my shit. Come on boy, eat it! You’re the one who wanted to be a human toilet! To add a little more flavor I keep spitting into his salad and drop my cigarette ashes into it too. He gets to consume ALL my waste! It took him 15 minutes to finish his meal but today I’m proud of him, he managed to eat it all and kept it down too, might make a real toilet of him yet! The training WILL continue until he’s able to eat it pure. Watch Full Toilet Slave Training #04 video

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OMG! That is a kind of fetish?

Omg! that is a kind of fetish

New incredible video like the good old days. Absolutely insane action, I insert my fingers in the ass to my husband Great Mr. Anonymus, lick his dirty butthole and his shit from my fingers, then smear fragrant shit on his dick, sucking and stroking to him in passing swallowing small portions of his tart shit!) For which I get a powerful sperm shot in the face. A truly depraved and hot video. You just need to relax, and preparing for really extreme scat show with male shit, because I always know what you really want! Unbelievable quality, high resolution and, as always, a great price will help you make your choice. I have a new camera, a lot of free time and a million incredible and crazy ideas!) Stay with me, I love you!) Watch OMG! That is a kind of fetish? video

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Chicken Dine and Dump Very Constipated

Chicken dine and dump very constipated

I am so hungry! I ordered some chicken and it smells amazing. Hmmm! It taste so good! Moist, cooked to perfection and spicy just how I like it. I love feeling that delicious food going down my throat, and down my belly.That piece of chicken is going to be digested and slowly turned into a warm, hard and long piece of shit.

I know you like watching me eat delicious foods. But what you love more than anything is seeing what’s coming out of me. I’m going to shit this chichen out in a few days for you, and I really want you to witness this. I’m going to squat over that container, naked, and you are going to see the shit coming out of my tight pink asshole. I hope this chicken will be as good coming out as it was going in!

In the next scene I am standing in the living room totally nude, holding the chicken container and the leftover bones. I really have to take a shit! I will shit the chicken I ate 4 days ago right into the container it came in. I put container on the floor squat on top of it. I spread my asscheeks apart with my hands and start pushing. You can clearly see my opened asshole with some shit inside, but it feels like this chicken doesn’t want to come out, it loves my insides too much! Finally, grunting and pushing really hard, I’m able to squeeze the shit out of my asshole to let it fall onto the container and right onto the bones.

It feels so good! Now I have to catch my breath. I take the camera and zoom in on my poop. There are 3 differents pieces all around the chicken bones. Then I briefly show you my dirty asshole from a closer angle and say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed watching me take a shit for you! Watch Chicken Dine and Dump Very Constipated video

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