Gigantic Shit For Breakfast

Shit for breakfast 02

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even for a TOILET. So even though I have to go to work I graciously take the time to feed my perverted minion. I enter dressed in nothing but high heels and underwear. After kicking my slave’s balls hello I take my ‘chair’ and sit over his face. The position here is the opposite of my usual practice and you get to see my glorious womanhood from above the slave’s head. I waste no time on formalities and deliver a full course breakfast directly into the former human’s mouth. I have some cum in my pussy from the previous night that I spent with a real man (not a toilet like you) and I add that to the slave’s meal. This is what the real life of a toilet slave is. Maybe if you beg nicely you can take his place? Watch Gigantic Shit For Breakfast

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New Diarrhea Eater

New diarrhea eater 02

I have new slave! And He is very hungry this morning. Too bad for him that I have diarrhea and he is my toilet. But there is no coming back for him. He is tied up under my toilet seat and I command him to lick my boots and clean them with his tongue. His breakfast is on the way so I make him open his mouth and take all liquid shit and swallow them! His mouth is full of my nasty shit! How delicious, isn’t it? – Eat slave, eat all and say thank you to your mistress! Ou this is not all, I have to take a pee in his mouth too. -Drink slave, drink my piss and clean my ass! He is a very good toilet and I will use him again soon. Watch New Diarrhea Eater

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Ass Worship and crap

Ass worship and crap 01

Unlike many Mistresses who train their slaves to be toilets, Mistress Anna not only allows slaves to worship her holy asshole, she insists on it. Proper lubrication is a must. The Mistress sits directly on the slaves face and it is ordered to lick, to poke inside with his tongue and even suck the incomparable orifice. In this video, we get to see Mistress Anna’s angelic face for just a moment. She is smiling so sweetly, you could imagine she is greeting a friend when she says “Hi!”, but you see she is smiling at how her slave is struggling to swallow her shit. This video has a lot of Mistress Anna’s beautiful face and we see her laugh as she makes it swallow her shit by slapping its balls. Watch Ass Worship and crap

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Mistress Anna – Direct in his mouth

Direct in his mouth 02

Custom request! (shit directly in your slave mouth. The shit must enter directly in his throw. His lips must be sealed on your ass hole ) This is his breakfast! He is nothing more than a toilet! I shit directly in his mouth after I piss a little bit. He took my shit and swallowed it immediately and cleaned my asshole. Only small shit traces are left on my ass chicks. Download Mistress Anna – Direct in his mouth

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Eat shit throw up and eat again

Eat shit throw up 02

Mistress Anna uses his new slave again. First, she makes him kiss and lick her dirty soles. After that, she sits on her throne and starts to piss in his mouth. After he drank all she shit in his mouth huge solid shit and make him eat it. All that he drops, she made him eat it with a spoon. The slave throws up but there is no turning back from this, he has to eat it again! Watch Eat shit throw up and eat again

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Eat shit slave

Eat shit slave 02

This is entirely from the point of view of the slave beneath the toilet seat. That way, you can imagine you are in his place while you masturbate. I walk in on my slave who is already positioned under the toilet. I begin by whipping the slave, who makes some nice pathetic noises, especially when the whip hits its ‘penis’. Then I sit on my throne and offer my perfect ass for its worship. I insert my poo into its mouth with almost surgical precision and it ends up with a perfect little ball on top of its mouth. The sun is shining directly on my ass and you get the most detailed closeup image of my ass and asshole in a video yet. Then I leave over the toilet seat to give the slave direct encouragement to do its duty. I try reasoning with it. “Does a toilet need a dick?” Then I try my whip again and warn him what comes next. “Eat now, or I WILL CUT YOUR DICK!” Watch Eat shit slave

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High tech slave training

Slave traning 02

High tech slave training: by using electricity I can torture the toilet slave’s penis (which it no longer needs) and keep my hands free of having to touch the disgusting creature any more than necessary. Being able to deliver an electrical charge to the ‘dick’ at any time allows me to be playful and carefree as I listen to the music of the screaming sub-human. Its cries and my laughter are beautiful music. Even as it writhes on the floor its dick gets harder. It is trapped by my beauty and its perversion. I even allow it to lick my perfect pussy while my asshole swells and gets bigger and bigger. Finally my shit comes out slowly and thickly and lies in a perfect round pile on the toilet’s face. I stand and kick the slave’s balls which electrocuting its penis to get it to eat. Then I start masturbating the slave’s penis with my foot and then my hand, all the while slapping the loser’s balls and ordering it to eat. The slave experiences the taste of shit, the pain of ball slapping, the pleasure of masturbation at the same time, conditioning it to sexualize pain and humiliation. It is never going to have normal sex again. Watch High tech slave training

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Shit licker 02

Now I’m going to turn my back to you so you can see it all coming out of my asshole. And remember, there will be a lot in there now after a day and a half. For several moments nothing happened, then slowly her asshole began to blossom out to reveal the brown tip of her shit. Slowly her shit crawled out, more and more coming out. Mistress Anna watching between her legs, saw that her turd was tremendous in size and moved her butt around a little to curl it across the plate. When Mistress Anna squeezed out the last of her shit, she turned around to his slave, I think it is time for you to taste a lady’s asshole now. Lick my ass clean! You had better get used to that taste, you will be doing a whole lot of that in the months to come, Mistress Anna promised his slave. So you be a nice little boy now, and lick my dirty asshole. Slave`s tongue began to lap around in her Mistress’s asshole, that wrinkled up pucker placed low in the crack. He finally had to let his breath out and was surprised that the smell was nearly gone, but that acrid/bitter taste remained in his mouth. Get your mouth down on that shit and take a big bite, and remember, don’t you dare throw it up. Better still, I want to see you licking my shit. Lick it from one end to the other, back and forth, up the sides and back down on the other side. Download Shit-Licker

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Torrent of diarrhea

Torrent of diarrhea 02

ALL YOU’RE FIT FOR, IS TO BE A DUMP FOR A FEMALE BOTTOM YOU PERVERT. I played one of my favorite games while I relaxed in my toilet chair My slave looked up as my anal sphincter opened up and a brown turd slipped out like a small snake. He opened his mouth and accepted her fudge. It smelt horrible and tasted foul. I dropped another torrent of diarrhea onto his face and all fall in his opened mouth … I played for hours and he stayed still and quiet under my ass like a furniture! Watch Torrent of diarrhea

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