Mistress Anna – Huge Long Shit

Huge long shit 02

My new sandals are with dirty soles. My slave will clean them and lick my sexy bare feet after that. Coffee makes me shit, and I can’t wait to use his mouth as my bowl. Like every morning my slave has to lick my asshole and take my shit in hs mouth . Here it comes toilet boy ! I push a very LONG and huge dump into his toilet mouth . He is just a slave , a HUMAN toilet and this is his purpose – to serve me and to be my toilet blow ! I know that you want to be on his place and maybe you would do better job if you are my toilet. If so , watch my video and tell me that you want to be my toilet and I maybe would use you next time. Download Mistress Anna – Huge Long Shit

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Mistress Anna – Facesitting Scat

Facesitting scat 02

There is no time like the present for using a slave. For a slave to be a fully functioning toilet substitute I can’t be bothered to get dressed up in a silly costume for its benefit every time I need to use a toilet. Here I am dressed in my every day wear and the slave is naked. I expose the only part of my body that has any use for its: my magnificent ass. I pull down my jeans enough to smother him with my posterior perfection and tell it, “deeper lick” while beating its balls with my whip. You perverts at home playing with yourselves will get a thrill watching me go around with my pants down around my thighs as I try various positions on the toilet. You get to see the beautiful expressions of pleasure and relief as I take a huge shit directly into its mouth. The noises it makes are amusing and my face lights up with sadistic pleasure. Finally, as the slave is slow to swallow, I have to don my blue plastic gloves and get it to swallow. Finally, by giving it the choice of breathing or eating, I get the disgusting creature to fulfill its purpose in life. The long period of training shows it worth, though, as the slave finally opens its mouth to show that it is done its task. As a reward I allow it to clean the bottom of my shoe and then, with my bare feet, alternately career and kick its balls, finally leaving it alone to contemplate its own worthlessness. Watch Mistress Anna – Facesitting Scat

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Mistress Anna – Toilet training part2

Toilet slave traning 01

Part 2 This video is a feast for fans of my ass, my voice and my face. It is also a feast for the slave, but of a different kind! The whole point of all this hard work on my part is to make the creep into a proper toilet. This video shows me reaping the reward for all my tireless efforts. You get to see me as I sit on the slave, order it to clean my asshole, alternately slapping its balls and jerking its cock. As I order the slave to “lick my pussy” you get to see the facial expressions range through the phases of ecstasy and sadistic enjoyment. I even smile into the camera at times, giving you a knowing smile in the knowledge that you are MASTURBATING your tiny dick while you watch. For the final act of domination I remove the seat and lower my beautiful ass right on to the slave’s mouth. My precious shit goes directly down its throat. As I stand and inspect its obedience the slave almost spits the sacred offering out of its mouth, causing me to slap its face and wrap tape around its mouth, trapping my shit in its skull cavity. The process of encouraging the slave to finish its duty and fully consume my shit requires much verbal and physical encouragement and my facial expressions switch back and forth between fury and mirth. But in the end it is the mesmerizing draw of my eyes and the hopeless desire to please me that brings the slave to fight back the gag reflex and finally swallow. As a reward for eating it is allowed the ultimate privilege of cleaning my ass with its tongue. A feast for fans of psychological domination and lovers of beauty. Download Mistress Anna – Toilet training part2

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Mistress Anna – Toilet Training part 1

Toilet training 01

It is no simple thing to turn a human into a toilet. My videos only show the payoff, but for every minute of fun shitting into what was once a human being’s mouth, there are hours of laborious de-humanization, animal training, psychological conditioning, and punishment. This first video shows how hard I have to work to make available to you the pleasure of seeing the slave used as a toilet. The slave is gradually denied the right to move around as a human being, on its legs, and has to act as an animal. The whip is applied tirelessly to its ass and genitals as it performs acts of worship from the floor. Its whimpers and pleading bring a smile to my angelic face as it cries like a little girl and constantly repeats, “Thank you Mistress, Anna,” the only human words in its vocabulary. What else would it need to say? “No” is forbidden and “Yes” is assumed. I insert a dildo and apply nipple clamps to its chest and then I let the pig worship my bare feet. My beautiful bottomless dress allows you to see both my pussy and my gorgeous ass as I whip the slave into begging submission. My smile is radiant as it, the slave, reaches its breaking point from whipping until I take mercy on it and say the words it longs to hear. “Now it is time to eat my shit,” which is what happens in the next video. Watch Mistress Anna – Toilet Training part 1

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Mistress Anna – Facesitting Toilet Boy

Facesitting toilet boy 01

They say you have to be cruel to be kind, but sometimes you also have to be kind to be cruel. Here I give the slave pleasure with my hands and vibrator but only to more deeply enslave it to my ass and shit, conditioning it to associate pleasure with serving me as a toilet, warping its sexual desire for me as a woman into the need to be humiliated and degraded. There is symbolism in clothing. The fact that my dress is open to show my magnificent ass tells you immediately that the only thing I am here for is to use you as a TOILET. This means I can sit on the toilet slave’s face and accept the loser’s worshiping tongue in one graceful motion without having to adjust my clothes. After greeting my slave with a kick to the balls I take my seat over its face where it immediately begins worshiping my asshole. As it has gradually forgotten what it was like to be human it performs its functions more and more automatically. Its will has been gradually replaced by a set of trained reactions. It has come to crave the degradation of eating my shit and worships my asshole eagerly and hungrily, almost trying to meld its mouth into my asshole. The closeup view of my pussy and ass, the way my asshole gradually becomes engorged so that it inflates and begins to protrude down from between my ass cheeks, makes licking my asshole and sucking the shit out of it seem almost natural, pleasurable, at once an intimate union and a soul-destroying humiliation. You have so degraded yourself you have come to crave what you once were horrified by. It is no longer human, it is only a toilet that happens to be made of meat. I apply a vibrator to its ‘dick’, or what was once its dick. As the shit slides down its throat and gradually fills its mouth its penis gets harder. I then order it to clean it. I even pump its piss handle as it licks my anus. I am not being kind. What appears to be kindness, giving it an orgasm, it the ultimate cruelty—making it crave its own destruction and dehumanization. It is helpless, like a moth drawn to flame, like YOU, TOILET! Watch Mistress Anna – Facesitting Toilet Boy

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MIstress Anna – Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea 01

Dual Use Slave I am dressed in beautiful lingerie. Maybe I am going to see a man after I use you? Of course, I have no sexual attraction for the pig I am using for a toilet but it is still useful to get him sexually excited in order to make him more compliant and entertaining. I order the slave to lick my ass as I remind it that this is its place in life, the fulfillment of its existence. It must not forget to lick my ass even as it jerks in pain from my whipping its balls. Its helpless begging brings a beautiful smile to my face, as does the lovely feeling of its enthusiastic tongue up my asshole. In anticipation of its disobedience I have tied its balls tightly so that, if need be, I can cut its balls off. He lets out the most lovely whimper as I rake the scissor across its completely tied balls. The dick, engorged but not hard, fits so perfectly between my scissors. “I will cut your dick,” I say, as the slave licks with even more enthusiasm. I let the slave lick my pussy as I use my vibrator. “Oh, slave, lick my pussy. Oh, this is your place, inside my ass.” My pussy is pleasured from above and below by my vibrator and my slave. You get to hear the beautiful sound of me, cumming. I am so happy, I slap the slave’s balls again. After I cum it is time for business. The slave’s tongue is directed back to its natural target, my asshole. In a sort of ultimate act of indulgence for me and degradation for the slave, I use the vibrator on my pussy as I shit on my slave. I have another orgasm while the shit plops on the slave’s face. A few drops of white cum land on the slave’s face to symbolize the dual use I have made of it. Watch MIstress Anna – Diarrhoea

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Mistress Anna – Sealed mouth to ass

Mouth to ass 01

I have pain in my stomach this morning. My slave has been waiting for me all night with his ball tied up and full. I am not in a good mood and he has to pay for that. After I slap his blue balls, I shoot a wet fart in his mouth. This means that there would be something more for him this morning. He sealed his mouth and lips over my asshole so no smell or anything else can go out. His reward for this good job is very painful handjob. Yes, I am cruel, but he is not a Human been anymore he is an object, toilet, a toy for my amusement. Watch Mistress Anna – Sealed mouth to ass

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Mistress Anna – Scat

Mistress anna scat 01

“Hello, loser”. Can you guess who I am talking to? My ass has never looked sexier than it does from below peaking out from under my short leather skirt. You get a slave’s eye view. You will be masturbating without self-respect as you gaze at my perfect ass while I dig my heels into the slave’s testicles. The slave has to strain its neck to get its tongue all the way up to my asshole while I light a cigarette. When my asshole has been properly relaxed and expanded by the slave I let loose a magnificent pile right into the slave’s mouth that fills its mouth and piles up on top of its face. Then I dismount and come to look over the slave while I encourage it to ‘flush’. Next, the camera looks right into my face as I look down the toilet and coldly order it to “Eat my shit, slave.” You will masturbate furiously—I can almost hear your little dick flapping around now—as I look down pitilessly at the sub-human struggling to eat my waste. you look right into my massive brown eyes, my luscious, full red lips. you abandon hope as your dignity melts away and you give yourself to pleasing me by degrading yourself. I use toilet paper and my boot to shove the shit down the slave’s throat. It has to actually consume. you can see it working by the smile on my face. The slave struggles to breathe under the shining black leather of my boot. I return to my thrown to rest my heels on its hairless penis and balls (too masculine, I have decided to denude the slave of such signs of masculinity) and slap its now useless reproductive organs for a while more. Since you have enjoyed the view of my slave you should live by the same rules I make for it. Finish masturbating and once you have spewed your filth lick up your sperm like a good little toilet. Watch Mistress Anna – Scat

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