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Blonde messy scat games

What do you do with toilets? That’s right, you shit inside them! We use the bathroom every day. Yeah, you heard right. Every day he has to eat our shit, drink our piss. Just like in this video! Sometimes we puke in his mouth! This is not a game but a hard reality. This slave in the video is extremely hard humiliated. This time we make a spontaneous visit to our toilet when we come from the brunch. In the morning we always have to poop a lot, especially when we have a tasty breakfast. Not only does he have to lick the dirt off the soles of our shoes, he is also used by 2 ladies as a real toilet! Because that’s his destiny. Of course he has to shit in his mouth! Chew it well and swallow it. So that the next lady has a clean toilet at her disposal where she can shit in. If this does not work out to our satisfaction, we must help in our own way! Download 2 Scat Doms use their Toilet Slave