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Mistress Emily – Giant shit in the pants

Shit in pants 01

It was very stunning. I’ll shit in the pants and you can see my slippery smelly shit close up. Oh, it looks very desired. Thereafter my toilet slave come to me and kiss my legs and my shoes. I LOVE to watch him squirm to please me. I do not care if he wants to or not, but he needs to sniff my dirty panties and lick my shit off the floor. When he finished cleaning my shoes with his tongue, I poked his face in the shit. I used it instead of a chair, called him humiliating and insulting words, spit in his mouth and piss on him. This video is intended for every toilet slave’s, who dreams of being a toilet for his Mistress. Watch Mistress Emily – Giant shit in the pants

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Scat impressions 01

Here is a toilet slave come to me, which would also serve me as a living toilet! So I invited him and he had to lie down under my ass so I could test him. At first Ill give him to kiss and suck my shoes and my feet. I spits into his slaves mouth and he had to swallow my spit. Then I sit on his face and smothering him with my ass, he has lick my asshole. Then I pooped and pissed him into his mouth! My divine shit sausage was fell right there. He also had to stuff all my shit into his mouth, chewing and swallowing until he had eaten all my shit. He has eaten all my shit and thus passed my toilet slaves test! He can serve me as my toilet! Download Mistress Emily – SCAT IMPRESSIONS

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Mistress Emily – Scat Desire

Scat desire 01

Absolute loser is one who never gets attention from a real woman. A man who is really superfluous in society. What can you do with such a person? It’s easy. You can use it as a toilet! For him, it’s a special honor that such sexy women shitting and pissing in his mouth. A special privilege. He will kiss your feet and lick your asshole, and you can shit, a lot of shit in his mouth and he’ll swallow everything, as proof of his fidelity to beautiful women. Because cute women use toilet slaves every day. He must also prove to the ladies that he is a complete toilet. Every piece of our shit should be swallowed as proof of its gratitude. Again and again it is used as a toilet, as if it were a public toilet. Sometimes hot urine flows into his mouth, sometimes smelly shit. All under incredible insults and humiliations. Weak and useless slaves should eat our shit always? Watch Mistress Emily – Scat Desire

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Huge Nasty Shit for dinner

Shit for dinner 01

In this video my toilet slave licking my shoes and suck my heels. He loves to clean my feet with his tongue. As a reward for the slave, I allowed him to sniff sweaty shoes from my feet and give me a foot massage. You must do everything for my pleasure. I will always use your mouth as a toilet. Look how a huge long shit sausage comes out of my asshole. You like it, do not you? Get even more shit on your face and spit in your mouth. Do you want to drink my pee? Sweet drops already filling your mouth. I have a lot of shit for your dinner, my toilet. Watch Huge Nasty Shit for dinner

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Big Smelly Shit

Today it was remining under my toilet in the bathroom. He was waiting me for a long time and it’s very hungry. I know, he want’s to eat only my nasty big shit. Well the first he must cleaning my shoes with his tongue and swallow my spits. Now he looks pretty smelly… I sit down on the toilet rim and shit in his smelly mouth. Suck and feeling taste of my shit. See you, good luck! Watch Big Smelly Shit

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Toilet slavery in the woods

I am beautiful russian Mistress and I returned again. Today I walked in the woods in a transparent body and shows my sexy ass on the camera. I spits on the ground and you would lick them later. I tore off a branch from a bush to whip you well, my slave. During the walk, I wanted to shit. My toilet slave was with me and I with great pleasure shitting in his mouth. I had a lot of shit and it’s all for your mouth, my toilet. You must learn to service your mistress everywhere, no matter where you are, dull scum. I explained to you your miserable meaning in my life. You’re just the toilet for me and you always will be under my ass. Watch Toilet slavery in the woods

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