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Torrent of diarrhea

Torrent of diarrhea 02

ALL YOU’RE FIT FOR, IS TO BE A DUMP FOR A FEMALE BOTTOM YOU PERVERT. I played one of my favorite games while I relaxed in my toilet chair My slave looked up as my anal sphincter opened up and a brown turd slipped out like a small snake. He opened his mouth and accepted her fudge. It smelt horrible and tasted foul. I dropped another torrent of diarrhea onto his face and all fall in his opened mouth … I played for hours and he stayed still and quiet under my ass like a furniture! Watch Torrent of diarrhea

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Delicious Shit for toilet slut

Delicious shit 01

Today I want to bring up the slave and humiliate him again. The slave has to bear obediently humiliations and wait for that moment when I want to feed him from the source. He licks my dirty footwear and sucks my heels. I spit in his mouth and make him swallow my saliva. Then I bring up him a lash, I beat him eggs and his dick! He pettiness and pathetic toilet slut! Everything that I can allow him is to enjoy my shit! I sit down on a chair so his face is under my ass. And I begin to fill his mouth with my delicious shit. Eat all my shit, toilet slut. And enjoy… Download Delicious Shit for toilet slut

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Mistress Anna – Pounds of Shit

Pounds of shit 02

This morning I have to shit badly ! I fill that my shit is already down and ready to come out . There is no time for games, my toilet is ready to catch pounds of shit ! I had eaten chicken with potatoes , now is his turn to eat it HOT and smelly ! He couldn’t eat all because is enormous but he will swallow all that is in his mouth . And few seconds leather i filled that the desert is coming too hahaha ! One last turd for him , right in his wide open mouth! Now CLEAN ME! Watch Mistress Anna – Pounds of Shit

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