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Mistress Anna – Fat Shit Scat

Fat shit scat 01

There is nothing more gratifying that seeing one’s hard work pay off. In this video you get to see the former human serve its purpose of eating my shit to the fullest, not only accepting it in its mouth but also, with a little “encouragement”, consuming it. The initial delivery is done direct into the slave’s mouth. My humongous shit (how does such a petite goddess deliver such an unbelievable load) is veritably injected into the shit receptacles mouth. The encouragement comes in the form of some ball slapping and face sitting. My stern commands make the slave close its mouth and then the ball slapping makes it swallow. Once it has completed the act of consumption the slave gets to clean me with its tongue. You get to see both front and back angles as I let the ‘toilet-dog’ swab my asshole while I mercilessly alternate between slapping its testicles and masturbating its penis, mixing the degrading act of shit eating and the pain of ball busting with the pleasure of tonguing my divine nether regions with the pleasure my soft but strong hands give to its penis. All the while I remind it, “You are a toilet.” My beauty is on display from several angles. My exquisite feet are right in front of the camera as I squat over the slave’s head. The exceptional beauty of my toned and muscular yet famine arms is highlighted by the motion of jerking its useless dick up and down. After I make him thank me by thanking me for “breakfast,” I rest my foot in triumph on its former manhood. It is now truly a TOILET DOG. Download Mistress Anna – Fat Shit Scat

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Mistress Anna – Facesitting toilet

I, Mistress Anna, in my infinite mercy, have decided to further your descent into toilet-hood by preceding your use as a toilet with prolonged face-sitting and masturbation therapy. The slave is sexually excited by the vibrator and my ministrations of my beautiful hands while his breathe is robbed by my ass. The sexual pleasure/humiliation mix deepens the slave’s submission. The slave’s tongue, driven by suffocation induced desperation, sends wave of pleasure through my body and face, which you get to see in an inset closeup throughout the video. The sounds of my voice as I am cumming are amazing. Naturally, once I am satisfied, the slave’s sexual stimulation ends. But I am not completely done with him since, of course, once I have cum I need to take a shit. Luckily my slave is already in position. He may not get to orgasm but it will at least have the great honor of serving as my shit receptacle! I know you are masturbating while watching this video, so remember, before your squirt your penis pus, to beg me for permission, PLEASE MISTRESS ANNA, LET ME BE YOUR TOILET! Download Mistress Anna – Facesitting toilet

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