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Under My Shitty Ass

My shitty ass 01

I want to play with my toilet slave again and to watch how he is humiliated and suffers my mockeries. Today he will be my toilet and he had to get hungry since I didn’t feed him two days. He cleans my shoes and heels by his dirty slave tongue. And I watch that he to gloss licked my footwear. Then I get up over him, so that his face has appeared directly under my ass and slightly sit down over him. Sweet and dense shit leaves my asshole and comes directly to his throat. He swallows each piece of shit and enjoys… He is waited by one more portion of a big breakfast and sweet piss from Mistress Emily. I’ll spit in his dirty mouth and I will control process of feeding of the slave. If you want to taste delicious breakfast from Mistress Emily, then you must come to me. You are already waited by a portion of my fresh shit. Download Under My Shitty Ass

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Toilet slave swallows shit

Slave swallow shit 01

Today I was rigidly use mouth of the slave! First I filled the slave’s mouth with my shit. I had a lot of shit because I ate a lot during 2 days. Then I spitting and pissing on his face and smoking. He has a nice breakfast. Today I was rigidly use mouth of the slave! First I filled the slave’s mouth with my shit. I had a lot of shit because I ate a lot during 2 days. Then I spitting and pissing on his face and smoking. He had a nice breakfast! Watch Toilet slave swallows shit

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Mistress Anna – Pounds of Shit

Pounds of shit 02

This morning I have to shit badly ! I fill that my shit is already down and ready to come out . There is no time for games, my toilet is ready to catch pounds of shit ! I had eaten chicken with potatoes , now is his turn to eat it HOT and smelly ! He couldn’t eat all because is enormous but he will swallow all that is in his mouth . And few seconds leather i filled that the desert is coming too hahaha ! One last turd for him , right in his wide open mouth! Now CLEAN ME! Watch Mistress Anna – Pounds of Shit

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Mistress Anna – Mouthfuls of Shit

The training of a toilet does not end with getting it to consume my precious wastes. The toilet slave must be constantly pushed to lower depths so that it does not become used to the level of degradation and starts to have errant thoughts of trying to reassert its humanity. The toilet slave must go from simply being tied up beneath a toilet and serving as the hole beneath my toilet seat, to being able to serve without restraint or equipment or beatings—except, of course, when I feel like beating it! This time I use my slave as both the foot rest and the disposal device. I enter almost naked and immediately remove my stockings so that my beautiful skin glows in the sunlight and you can see my sacred and most perfect pussy as I move around. I step seductively and nonchalantly into position. I enjoy my usual greeting kicks to the balls as I move around the slave. Then, without further ceremony, I take my position standing on its shoulders, squatting the perfect globes of my ass right down into its face. The ideal of a toilet slave is to be able to use it without spillage having all my divine essence go straight down its throat. I reposition myself to make further gifts from the side. Alas, and not surprisingly, the slave fails in its duty and leaves some on the floor for me to provide extra encouragement in the form of commands and kicks to the balls, as I have the slave on its hands and knees, face down in my shit. This is where it belongs! At least it knows its place. What about you, TOILET? Watch Mistress Anna – Mouthfuls of Shit

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Mistress Anna – Nasty Farts And Shit

Must watch video ! This video begins with extreme doggy style farting POV in leather pants. There is a symphony of fart sounds from my ass as you imagine yourself receiving these treasures. My laughing face is visible in an inset so you can imagine the contempt I feel for you weakness for my beauty. Then the scene switches to my slave, already waiting under the toilet where he belongs, as I walk into view dressed only in red panties and high heeled shoes. You get to hear me sigh and moan with pleasure as my slave prepares my asshole with its dutiful kisses and tongue worship. Of course, no matter how hard it tries I always enjoy its suffering so I whip its balls to hear its desperate cries. It is like a baby lamb licking so intently as my bare feet alternately fondle, tease and torture its balls. Finally, as my the asshole becomes engorged and grows larger the slave it all the way in my asshole with its tongue until finally it is rewarded with my delicious shit. I all it to clean my asshole from the same position. Then I get up, now fully naked except for my high heeled shoes, and order the slave to get on its hands and knees to eat my holy shit from the floor. Of course, I start whipping the slave and it begs, “Please stop”, though to no avail. I walk from one side to the other so you get to see my pussy and my ass as I amuse myself. The sunlight shows you my perfect skin and glints off the smooth curve of my firm ass cheeks and the full, luscious lips of my perfect pussy. you will be tempted to imagine being a man, though you are only a TOILET. I laugh as it whimpers as I would laugh at your tiny dick if you were MY TOIELT! The last scene is of my slave trying to eat my shit off the floor. Imagine if you were so lucky. Download Mistress Anna – Nasty Farts And Shit

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