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Pay for my shit, loser!

Pay for my shit 01

Here is my stupid slave, payinng me the monthly tribute for be my human toilet and that I shit in his mouth. I earn money abusing him in these clips, but isn’t enough… He must pay for this privilege! I meake him beg for I take the money and shit in his mouth a long and soft turd. Then I trample him with my full weight while I’m smoking a cigarrete. Extreme humiliation for a extreme loser. Watch Pay for my shit, loser!

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Adelina Frau face sitting and shit in throat

Shit in throat 02

Adelina Frau create another story. She was so kinky today and she prove that in this new video. She call her toilet slave again and command him to lie on the floor. Instead, she sit on his face and mouth and take his breath many times until he surrender her. She will keep her toilet in chastity another few months, for a good scat swallowing training. She enjoy to humiliate her slut and she feed him with her shit. Watch Adelina Frau face sitting and shit in throat

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Shit for my hungry slave

Shit for slave 01

My slave already lay on a floor and waited when I feed him. He was very hungry today and wanted that I have shitted in his mouth. When I sit down on the stool, he open his mouth wider and all his face is instant filled with my delicious shit. He has so carefully learned to feel me that he isn’t confused at all by a smell and taste of my shit. Today I had a diarrhea, but it likes to be my toilet and he has to serve me in this quality all the time. Then I pissed on him and spitting in his mouth. His mouth has been clogged with my shit and it couldn’t swallow of all this any more. But for me not important how fast he will cope with it, he is obliged to swallow all this for me. I love when the slave eats all my shit. But today he was so hungry that quickly and with pleasure he swallowed of my spittles and my shit. I smoked a cigarette and used the slave as an ashtray and he swallowed my sweet saliva. It is very good toilet for my wonderfull ass! Watch Shit for my hungry slave

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Mistress Anna – Solid Shit And Piss

Solid shit and piss 01

My new summer video Do you recognize the setting and the positions were taken? Of course, you do! My daily routine is your sex life after all. What is simply taking a shit for me, is everything you need as far as pleasure goes. I have my slave, ready to take everything, and I’m not gonna lie- this one is nasty. I get him excited, just enough, so that he is ready to do exactly as I say. And it is now a casual thing for him, to be a human toilet. I’ve broken him, trained him and developed in him a sense of duty to be nothing to me, but a slave, and a human toilet. Everything you can trace back to me is holy to a slave. My voice, my punishments, my smell… and my SHIT! In this clip, I show a lot of me. Not only do I dominate my slave perfectly, but you can observe my perfect body at work. My ass, grace, pussy, and feet- all the things that make you weak and inferior compared to me. The slave gets some slaps and some tease from me. using one of my favorite toys, and just when he starts to enjoy himself f too much, and even attempts to lick my divine pussy, it’s time for me to use him, for the only thing he is good for- being my toilet. I push the shit hard and even piss on the slave’s face because my shit is too dry and I have to do extra work. Even lubricating with his tongue isn’t enough this time, but this is not a problem that concerns me. All the nasty stuff is something that a slave should be concerned about, so farts, gagging on shit, and piss all over, are simply things going in the toilet for me. Drool as much as you want, and admit to yourself, you aren’t even good enough to be my toilet. Download Mistress Anna – Solid Shit And Piss

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Shit in your mouth 01

Today I have my slave on the floor and he’s going to worship my feet. I command him to lick and clean my pretty legs in white stockings with his tongue, then I may reward him. He’s does enjoy eating my shit, and also being under my sweety ass. After a while of licking my legs, I decide he deserves a little reward. So I sit on his face and get him ready, as he’s going to receive my delicious shit. I change position and sit over him, and make him to get his mouth open wide and do not close it until I fill his mouth. As he receives my smelly shit I tell him that he chew and swallow it all. He’s such a lucky slave to enjoy the pleasure of every day eating a lot of shit of his pretty mistress! He is my full toilet! Download ALL SHIT IN YOUR MOUTH

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Toilet submission! Shit in his mouth!

Toilet submission 02

My toilet was very hungry! There are people who live and work just to be able to eat my shit and drink my pee. These are the so-called full toilets.. And I love to use it. My toilet slave looks like an ugly Toilet there is really only one thing for him. To serve as a toilet for me and NO intimacy! All that rightfully belongs to the toilet goes in his mouth. Shit, piss, toilet paper.. just everything! From now he was used as an Toilet, several times and day by day! He pays to me every day and for every shit. Watch Toilet submission! Shit in his mouth!

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