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Mistress Anna – Suck My Shit Out

Suck my shit 01

My feet are very dirty this morning because my slave didn’t clean the floor properly! Now he will suffer, while cleaning them with his tongue! He is my dirty doormat, and my human toilet of course. I can use him for whatever I want! He licked my dirty soles and my dirty asshole, and I knew that he was not ready for what I have prepared for him. I shit directly in his mouth with his lips sealed to my asshole, sucking my shit out, but the shit was too big and creamy for his mouth HAHAHA so nasty, but entertaining nonetheless. I don’t care, he is just a HOLE, my toilet hole! There is some bonus for you filthy toilets as well. You can see what you can never have- my shit covered ass a.k.a. your dream meal. Having the privilege of eating my shit, comes with some punishment as well, so i step on my slaves throat, with shit still in his mouth, and smack his balls some more. Isn’t he a lucky one? Watch Mistress Anna – Suck My Shit Out

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Toilet submission! Shit in his mouth!

Toilet submission 02

My toilet was very hungry! There are people who live and work just to be able to eat my shit and drink my pee. These are the so-called full toilets.. And I love to use it. My toilet slave looks like an ugly Toilet there is really only one thing for him. To serve as a toilet for me and NO intimacy! All that rightfully belongs to the toilet goes in his mouth. Shit, piss, toilet paper.. just everything! From now he was used as an Toilet, several times and day by day! He pays to me every day and for every shit. Watch Toilet submission! Shit in his mouth!

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Mistress Anna – Huge Long Shit

Huge long shit 02

My new sandals are with dirty soles. My slave will clean them and lick my sexy bare feet after that. Coffee makes me shit, and I can’t wait to use his mouth as my bowl. Like every morning my slave has to lick my asshole and take my shit in hs mouth . Here it comes toilet boy ! I push a very LONG and huge dump into his toilet mouth . He is just a slave , a HUMAN toilet and this is his purpose – to serve me and to be my toilet blow ! I know that you want to be on his place and maybe you would do better job if you are my toilet. If so , watch my video and tell me that you want to be my toilet and I maybe would use you next time. Download Mistress Anna – Huge Long Shit

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Smell my butt and taste my farts

This is the best video yet by Mistress Anna in both production values and content. As it begins, we see her beautiful face only lightly obscured by her mask as she realizes she has to fart. She graciously decides to share them with her slave and calls it over. We get to see a great variety of her facial expressions as she goes from bored, amused, curious and angry. As she slaps the slaves face she asks “Do you like it?” and we hear his whimpering. The scene changes and we see a short POV montage of her face as she walks in on her slave, already bound under her toilet chair. Again the scene changes and she takes her position on the toilet. This is shot in a wide angle and we get to see much more of the Mistress than in previous videos as she moves around and as she pulls the spandex down off of her inexpressibly beautiful ass. We get many chances to admire the small details of her toned body and flawless skin from many angles as she shifts position. Finally we get the POV shot of the most exquisite ass ever created hanging down through the toilet seat as she matter-of-factly orders the slave to worship. This shot is lit by direct sunlight and we see her ass in dick-stiffening detail. The slave licks her asshole right up until the moment when her precious shit begins to pore out. Then she says “clean” and the slave again strains to lick, though the Mistress is in such perfect shape and her firm ass cheeks are so tight that there is no shit anywhere but right inside her asshole. The video ends with another short montage of the Mistress standing completely naked kicking the slave’s balls. We are allowed to see her perfect pussy and graceful body from beneath the toilet seat, the only position from which a slave should ever be allow to view such beauty. Watch Smell my butt and taste my farts

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Shit in slave’s mouth

I bet you already got a hard cock reading the title! And now you look at the preview pictures and imagine that you are the toilet! This video will surpass all your fantasies. Your dream will come true! The happy toilet in the video had the honour to serve me and my friends as a toilet from Friday to Sunday! 3 times he ate my shit and much more! In the meantime (if it wasn’t used) I locked it outside in the shed. So I could practically take it with me everywhere like a portable camping toilet and use it anytime. I used it several times every day. On Friday mornings on the way to work at a parking lot. A good dose of morning shit right in the mouth! Saturday night, just before the disco. While I tune into the party with my girls. A fat turd sausage right back in his mouth. This time also a lot of hygiene wastes like tampons etc. Then on Sunday, the crowning finale. After last night’s party. Extreme diarrhea. I haven’t shat this much in my whole life. Of course, everything back in his mouth! After that, he finally got to fuck off. How he had to jerk off on my command and what other humiliations and humiliations he had to endure in the 3 days you can experience in this video. See Weekend toilet was extremely often used