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Fart and shit in spaex trousers

Fart and shit 02

I woke up with extreme gas…. and my farts are toxic. I started to fart in my new spandex black trousers ! But I decided to save them for my toilet slave ! And what better way to relive myself than on his toilet face . Fart after fart I’ve been saving now all rest in his lungs . But there is something way more than farts ready to come out … yes … my long, wet and smelly shit ! After that I use him for toilet paper of corse … He must know his plays in life ! Bad sound quality! Download Fart and shit in spaex trousers

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Toilet slave eats shit Christina with panties and ass

Toilet slave 01

Today I’m full of Christina shit! It had a pleasant smell and taste. I really enjoyed doing this dirty but delicious work. Before shooting, we agreed in advance how everything will be – after Christina has shuffled, I must clean her panties and ass very clean, first with her tongue, and in the end with a sanitary napkin! In the process of eating shit Christina I did not feel sick – it was very nice and easy! Download Toilet slave eats shit Christina with panties and ass

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Mistress shits on her slave

My girlfriend and I are shitting out the whole load of the last seven days. There has accumulated quite a lot and must be pushed out of our asses. This is a real dream for every toilet! To be bossed around by two beautiful and arrogant southern women and shit all over them. By the way, this is our absolute full toilet! He can swallow anything, unlike many other losers! That’s no wonder. We step on him until he’s swallowed everything. Again and again he is driven to it with hard insults, slaps in the face and kicking his feet. Finally he has a properly mixed cocktail of shit and piss from 2 different women in his stomach and on his face. Download video 2 Young mistresses shit in his mouth