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Torrent of diarrhea

Torrent of diarrhea 02

ALL YOU’RE FIT FOR, IS TO BE A DUMP FOR A FEMALE BOTTOM YOU PERVERT. I played one of my favorite games while I relaxed in my toilet chair My slave looked up as my anal sphincter opened up and a brown turd slipped out like a small snake. He opened his mouth and accepted her fudge. It smelt horrible and tasted foul. I dropped another torrent of diarrhea onto his face and all fall in his opened mouth … I played for hours and he stayed still and quiet under my ass like a furniture! Watch Torrent of diarrhea

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Infinite Toilet Hole

Infinite toilet hole 01

Are you ready, my toilet? You really want to eat my huge smelly delicious shit? Well, I’m do it for you! Just open your mouth and swallow my stinky fragrant shit. I will use your mouth instead of a garbage can. Be my toilet paper, lick my asshole carefully. Do you want even more shit? Now I will spit in your mouth and you will have to swallow everything that proceeds from me in your running toilet mouth. You toilet hole, you pathetic being. Haha. Watch Infinite Toilet Hole

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