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Pooping woman

Today I just want to release and vent all my sadism about you, and I think for me the most? will it be rewarding? to impose you all day not to hunt until you explode, and once you can no longer?, see you buy this video, just to remind you what kind of onanists and losers you are, that you pay me to suffer my harassment, that you are just disgusting coprophiles that masturbate. One thing ? FOUNDAMENTAL: you can only start touching when you have your shit-filled underwear. Have you understood? Was that clear, sugary? First of all, you MUST keep all your shit until you hear it explode; only then will you have to hurry to buy this video. Finally, MUST you masturbate until? you will not have downloaded it all… and what more? important ? You’ll have to do it by literally floating on your shit. But do I want even more? make fun of you in this way: WHAT MORE? IMPORTANTE ? that you MUST wear a woman’s tights. This ? the first thing you need to do, your priority, the first order you need to execute. DO IT IMMEDIATELY! I want to keep you tangled to your excrements! Watch PANTYHOSE SCAT