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Feeding by shit from a plate! Adelina Frau!

Feed with shit 02

Everybody knows that prolonged starvation is very harmful to health. Therefore every day I try to feed my toilet slave. Today I came late from work, but my toilet was already lying on the floor and was waiting for me. At first I did not even notice him and sat down at the table to read the magazine. But right there I have noticed him and have command him come to me on his knees and kiss my legs. He licked my shoes and sucked the heels. I humiliated and laughed at him. He just a toilet for me! Then I took a plate and shit there. This is a fresh delicious dinner for my slave. Later I will feed him, but first he must lick my asshole so that it is clean. I told him to try, otherwise I’ll leave him hungry. He licked my asshole with his tongue and it was very pleasant to me. As an award for his efforts I fed the slave from a fork with my shit. He has eaten all my shit and thanked me. Of course I told him to lick the plate to shine. It is pleasant to me when the slave eats all my shit to the last piece. It makes me a little happy and satisfied. I choose the toilet slave who will be able to swallow of my shit completely and without the rest! Watch Feeding by shit from a plate! Adelina Frau!

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Toilet slave quickly swallows shit of two girls

Swallows shit 01

I met these beautiful girls on facebook, their names are Milana (the girl in the white mask) and Katya (the girl in the red mask). We agreed that we meet in the morning and they poping in my mouth. About the fact that I intend to completely swallow their shit, they found out a few minutes before the shooting of the video and were very surprised. Before shooting, they did not pooping 2 days, so when they met they often farted, and I enjoyed their wonderful smells.  I’m glad that I did this and I was not even sick of swallowing, only at the end of the video and only 1 time! I completely swallowed their shit, they hit me in the mouth in turn. They had a completely different taste of shit, but the consociation was similar, but the first girl had softer shit. I have inspired myself that it is very tasty and with great pleasure swallowed and experienced an amazing feeling! Watch Toilet slave quickly swallows shit of two girls

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Mistress Anna – Farts Eater

Again, you have the wonderful opportunity to experience what it is like to be MY TOILET. Are you fingering your TINY DICK already? Pathetic! It is fun to whip slaves, but sometimes you need a method of punishment that is even more immediate and effect, especially when you are training a toilet slave. For swift pain delivery there is nothing like a pair of wires to the testicles. Coldly, matter-of-factly, I apply the electrodes to the slave’s balls as it obediently presents them through its legs, head down where it belongs on the floor. Then you see my beautiful ass descend on the slave’s face through the toilet seat. From the side my ass is even more magnificent, solid and quivering as the slave sticks its tongue into my asshole. I have gotten used to a slave loosening up my asshole that I cannot use a toilet without it. I no longer shit on slaves as much as I shit into them. I have so completely destroyed its self-respect that it not only allows itself to be shit on, it literally sucks the shit out! It sucks my asshole like a piglet sucks at its mother’s tit! It is no longer human! After my first golden nugget slips into its mouth I stand to reposition myself on the toilet seat, bringing my rich, full, glistening pussy lips into better view (i am sure you will begin masturbating even more furiously, loser!). “Lick deeper” and “Oh yes!” I say, as the pig’s tongue makes my pussy tingle. Even a toilet pig can please a woman if it is well trained. The glistening white pussy juice gathers on the toilet’s chin as I enjoy the sensation of having my shit licked out of me. The slave masturbates too. Of course, I do not let it finish. I move the toilet seat and have a cigar, resting my feet on the slave’s head while directing it to lick up the shit it has missed. I can’t stop you from cumming but if you do be sure to clean up your mess with your tongue, just like my slave! Watch Mistress Anna – Farts Eater

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Mistress Anna – Toilet in chastity day 1

The process of changing a human being into a toilet is not as simple as you might think. Even after you think you have stripped a slave of its last shred of self-respect there is still the little piece of fish bait dangling between its legs, constantly tempting it to go astray. That is why a chastity device is so important. Properly applied it prevents any inappropriate use of the penis and presents the testicles in a convenient position where they can be damaged and tormented. All hair is removed from the slaves body so it is further emasculated and dehumanized. The slave’s genitals are thus rendered futile and defenseless and perfectly positioned for target practice. So, slapping its vulnerable balls hello, I enter wearing a simple but fashionable blue dress that shows my gorgeous legs to maximum advantage. My skin is glowing in the early morning light as I take my seat over the slave. My smile is radiant in the continuous inset of my face, as the slave struggles to lubricate the delicate folds of my asshole while I bounce my bare feet on its balls. The slave has truly become addicted to its own degradation and to my shit as it practically sucks from my asshole my shit, which overflows and forms a cone of brown covering toilet-boy’s mouth. As I leave my throne my body, naked from the waste down, is graceful and glowing. Key to the process of transition a slave from human being to toilet is fostering the sense of learned helplessness. So the slave must suffer even though it has been perfectly obedient. Otherwise, it might develop a sense of control over its destiny. So I pummel the little ‘goo grapes’ with my beautiful bare feet and hands while the slave struggles to breath. Not to pleasant for my slave, but I am sure you will be MASTURBATING while imagining you are in its place as MY TOILET. Watch Mistress Anna – Toilet in chastity day 1

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Mistress Anna – My Huge shit and Fart

In this video I speak directly into the camera and you hear exactly what I think when I am looking down at a ‘man’ I have just used as a toilet. You get to see my sleek form from beneath the toilet seat, Your natural environment. I use my riding crop on the naked slave and then lower my majestic ass on to the throne for one of the most stunning, panoramic displays of the female ass that a slave has ever been honored with viewing. The smooth white flesh of my ass fills the screen and my perfect, tiny asshole seems to be so close you could lick it yourself. I know you are already masturbating. The toilet eagerly licks my asshole and as it gradually becomes enlarged and begins to pucker and become more prominent, emerging from the flawless skin of my ass to almost smile at the slave. I allow the slave to masturbate. Then begins one of the biggest shits I have ever honored a slave’s face with. The slave struggles. Its face is obliterated with human excrement. I am pleased as stand and look back down through the toilet seat to inspect my work. You can imagine yourself looking up at me, wearing my shit on your face. You can see the bemused contempt in my smile. I tell you what I think of you in my accented but perfectly clear English Imagine yourself, struggling to breathe with the shit overflowing from your mouth and covering your nose. But still, you are masturbating. Look into my eyes and see how low you are. “You are a toilet…you are not human.” Watch Mistress Anna – My Huge shit and Fart

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