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Shitting Twice

Shitting twice 02

SHITTING TWICE You get to see me walk into the room and you observe my graceful beauty from above as I walk around the slave, stalking my prey. I am wearing a classic black lace dress and high-heels but, as my skin is so flawless, I have no need for hose or panties. The toilet is helpless with its arms bound and legs tied to the wall. As I apply nipple clamps I lean forward, saying, “You are a toilet. You are my toilet.” I allow it to worship my shoes only. Its legs and ass offer an inviting target for my riding crop but stupidly struggles to get away. I remove my shoes and stand on the slave’s shoulder and squat down with my heavenly beautiful asshole directly on the slave’s tongue. Like a suckling baby pig, it licks and sucks my asshole as if its life depends on it. Attached to my asshole it literally sucks the shit from my holy asshole. I rise to look back at it, a picture of degradation with a dollop of shit in its mouth. Later I return and with the need to shit again. I place a toilet seat over its head and bestow another priceless gift in its worthless face. The slave has a free hand starts touching itself, masturbating just like you are now, yes? In a rare instance of kindness, I decide to assist the slave in degrading itself and begin to masturbate the toiletboy. Though the slave is too repulsive for any woman to want have sex with it, for some reason it has a fairly large penis. A dick is a terrible thing to waste—on a toilet! But I enjoy jerking it off and, when it spews, I enjoy making it clean up its pig juice even more. Slaves should never be allowed to experience pleasure without being degraded. Imagine the shame the pervert feels with the taste of shit still in its mouth and in its post-orgasm depression eating its own seaman! But you don’t have to imagine. I know you are giggling your tiny penis while you drool over my beauty and imagine being my toilet. Admit it! Accept your destiny! Debase yourself and beg to be worthy of my shit. Now finish masturbating and eat your own cum! Do it, toilet! As you put your repulsive pus in your mouth say the words out loud, i am a toilet. i am YOUR TOILET, MISTRESS ANNA. Don’t you wish you could say those words to me? Download Shitting Twice

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Real Toilet Domination from Mistress

Real toilet domination 01

If you want to be a toilet for Mistress, then you must have this video! Mistress Emily humiliate her slave and shit in his mouth. First slave must carefully to lick her asshole and entere his tongue deep into her anus, to relax her before feeding the slave. She sits down on the toilet and command the slave to open his mouth. Then shitting into a slave’s mouth with great pleasure. Look at his face, it is completely covered with delicious shit of Mistress Emily. You want to be in the slave’s place, isn’t it? Just watch how I use my toilet slave and enjoy. Watch Real Toilet Domination from Mistress

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Hidden Toilet

Hidden toilet 02

This morning I woke up as usual, got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower. Then I saw the toilet slave who was lying on the floor in my room and decided to play with him. First I made him kiss and lick my pretty legs and lick my asshole. I command him to open his toilet mouth and make his breakfast. My nasty shit is coming and toilet mouth is fills up of that shit. Now his task is to eat breakfast, that I prepared for him. In addition, I sit down on his face and smear the shit over his nasty face. Now he is my real toilet and I can do with him whatever I want! Watch Hidden Toilet

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Extreme Foot Domination and Toilet Slavery

Toilet slavery 01

Real Extreme foot domination from Adelina Frau. She loves when her pretty legs are kissed by the slave. She thrusts her legs to him into a mouth and masturbate. She is very excited and relaxed. Further she sits down between two chairs so that the face of the slave has appeared under her ass. She told the slave to open his mouth and catch her delicious tasty shit. The mouth of the slave is completely filled with Adelina’s shit. It is very delightful and is desired to be in toilet slavery of such sweet Lady. Download Extreme Foot Domination and Toilet Slavery

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Adelina Frau & Toilet Slave

Toilet slave 01

This is my release number two. Are you ready to enjoy? So, we will start… Young and delicious model Adelina Frau will use her toilet slave. She so damn beautiful, she is realy fantastic and sexual girl. Today you have an opportunity to contemplate her erotic mockeries, a sweet licking of lips and spittles in a slave mouth. She is dressed in a fur coat and red leather thongs, but inside she is absolutely naked. Her eyes is driving you crazy! She is realy very sweet! She bares her beautiful tits and masturbates on a table. Adelina is an owner of luxury big round buttocks. Now her toilet slave will lick her ass and pussy. This girl is so excited and she enjoys this. Thenafter she touches with her sweet tongue the lips of the slave and spits in his mouth. She sat over the slave head and started to piss and shit in his mouth. It is very tasty to be in toilet slavery at such pretty girl. She filled the slave mouth with shit and then she kissed a shitty mouth and laughed at the slave. She smeared her lips with shit and licked a slave mouth. It is just explosion of a brain! Adelina Frau love to shit in a mouth and she takes a great pleasure from it. You have to try it with her! Watch Adelina Frau & Toilet Slave

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Toilet slave quickly swallows shit of two girls

Swallows shit 01

I met these beautiful girls on facebook, their names are Milana (the girl in the white mask) and Katya (the girl in the red mask). We agreed that we meet in the morning and they poping in my mouth. About the fact that I intend to completely swallow their shit, they found out a few minutes before the shooting of the video and were very surprised. Before shooting, they did not pooping 2 days, so when they met they often farted, and I enjoyed their wonderful smells.  I’m glad that I did this and I was not even sick of swallowing, only at the end of the video and only 1 time! I completely swallowed their shit, they hit me in the mouth in turn. They had a completely different taste of shit, but the consociation was similar, but the first girl had softer shit. I have inspired myself that it is very tasty and with great pleasure swallowed and experienced an amazing feeling! Watch Toilet slave quickly swallows shit of two girls

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Mistress Emily – Toilet slut training

Toilet slut 01

Check out my new video. My slave tolerates humiliation and serves as a servant, a domestic slave. He washes the floor in my house with a rag. And I spit on the floor again. He kisses my dirty shoes and lick it with his tongue. I use it instead of a horse, playing with him like pony. I ride him around the room. Thenafter, I used him mouth like my toilet. Long smelly slippery shit come out of my asshole. He should try it. I love when toilet slave eat my shit. It’s very humiliating and it’s very pleasing for my toilet slaves. I think, toilet slave must always eat Lady’s shit… )) like my slut. Watch Mistress Emily – Toilet slut training

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Mistress Emily – My Best Toilet

My best toilet 01

My best new video. Especially for my toilet slaves, I filmed the camera feeding my daily toilet slave with shit. Shooting is conducted from two cameras in sufficient light. I use it as a toilet for 3 years several times a day. I consider him to be my best toilet. If you want to earn his place, then you will have to try hard. First I sit down on his face and he begins to carefully lick my asshole. I LOVE how he does his job. Touching by his tongue is gentle and pleasant. Then I began to shit in his mouth. A huge shitty sausage slips into his throat one by one. It is very funny. Now his face is covered with my shit and I’m pissing from above on his face and also spitting it in his mouth. I kick with my feet and push everything shit that he did not eat and order him to swallow it. I think he was pleased with the way I humiliated him and tormented him today. He deserved the place of my constant toilet, because he does all the work with quality and with zeal. See you in the next video. For now look my pathetic toilet slaves as I will use you and you envy in silence. Watch Mistress Emily – My Best Toilet

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Mistress Anna – Human Toilet Slave

I am stunning in my little black dress and high heels as I walk in on the toilet slave, the useless bits bits of flesh that formerly served as its genitals shaved and bound. From beneath the toilet seat, it can look up at my red panties as it worships my feet, licking the bottoms of my shoes and then sucking my toes. You will imagine that it is your own tongue pushing its way between my toes as your furiously MASTURBATE. As I take my position on the toilet seat, I pull aside my panties and you are so close to my asshole that you could almost put your own tongue inside it like my slave. I have to lean forward to slap the slave’s balls and keep its ‘dick’ hard so you get an even more beauteous view of my puckered asshole and pouting pussy lips. The slave’s tongue loosens my asshole and goes all the way inside and my asshole becomes more engorged and begins to protrude threateningly. Finally the blessed reward arrives and piles up on the slave’s face. After I decide to reward the slave with an orgasm from my own hands. Alternating between slapping its balls and pumping its dick, I finally make the pig cum and it squirts its mess all over its hairless body. My laughter fills the room as the slave’s mind is further warped, associating pleasure and pain, degradation and ecstasy. The degraded pervert lies in its own filth and mine as I stand over it, my glorious and unattainable pussy and my radiant smile mocking alike mocking the debased SUBHUMAN TOILET. Now imagine looking into my eyes as you play with your little dick and beg for permission to CUM. Watch Mistress Anna – Human Toilet Slave

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