Smelling My Shit Masturbation

Smelling my shit masturbation

This is a video of my home masturbation. I push anal balls into my ass and I shit a big smelly poop. All the shit is perfectly placed on white cloth, and I fuck with a dildo … I start masturbation while watching myself take a shit. Fuck, it’s so hot! I rub my pussy harder. Mmmm, it feels so good. I’m just missing one thing – my smelly shit! I NEED to smell my shit again while I rub my horny pussy! I encourage you to jerk that cock for me and my delicious shit and then I get on all fours and let it all out! Can you smell it? Take my BIG shit and put it in your mouth! Watch Smelling My Shit Masturbation movie

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Pathetic Manlet is Brutalized!

Pathetic manlet is brutalized

The manlet was crying from the pain of being pulled around by the hair. Mistress Red was particularly rough today, and her fingers gripped the manlet’s hair harder than usual. She felt a BRUTAL energy well up inside her, and she wanted the manlet to receive all of her rage. Pushing the manlet to the ground, she digged her thick, high heeled boots into his flesh, ignoring the manlet’s coughs of pain. The mistress’s round butt shone as she trampled the manlet again and again, focusing on his chest and belly. Moving around the manlet, she smiled evilly as she placed her boot on the manlet’s forehead, causing him to cry out in pain. She saw how wide the manlet’s mouth was, and she decided to take a dump in his mouth, right then and there. Pulling down her panties, she felt the manlet’s warm, scared breath on her smooth ass as she released an almighty fart that smelled of garlic. The manlet nearly puked from the stale air that he accidentally swallowed, and coughed again as he saw with wide eyes what the mistress wanted to do. The Mistress’s butt had blossomed in front of him, her tiny chocolate anus had opened to half a inch to show a fetid piece of shit poking out. The tip of the turd was frayed and fibrous, and he could do nothing but keep his mouth open as she pushed the sticky poo inside his mouth. The turd slid like a snake and lodged into the manlet’s throat, prompting him to begin chewing the fetid, sour-tasting shit. Watch Pathetic Manlet is Brutalized! video

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Toilet pooping – Topless & Jeans Brown pop corn

Toilet pooping topless & jeans brown pop corn

Time to empty my bowels… I am topless and wearing jeans. I usually eat a zero carb diet (meat and fat only) but when this clip was shot I ate some vegetables because I wanted to make a farting clip. My gut flora is not used to digest vegetables anymore so I really feel like crap. You can hear a few plops and I also pee. Then I push because I feel there is more shit inside but it doesn’t want to get out. I stand up and show you the inside of the toilet bowl with some close-ups. I don’t remember seeing something like this before. It’s full of small pieces of different size and shapes. I wipe my ass in front of you. I put my jeans back on. I flush the toilet, wash my hands and stretch before to go out of the room. Download Toilet pooping – Topless & Jeans Brown pop corn video

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Danno’s FILTHY Day One – Part 2

Danno’s filthy day one part 2

After taking a thick, stinking dump on Danno’s face, the mistress sat on the toilet seat again and felt that her bladder could use a good emptying. Her strong piss was enough to wash away shit from Danno’s face, and the clear, salty stream found its way into the shit slave’s gurgling throat. The pee also smelled acidic and was slightly butter, but it was salty enough to make Danno’s throat itch as he struggled to swallow it in large gulps. Watch Danno’s FILTHY Day One – Part 2 video

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Gagged: The Fate of a Aging Human Toilet!

Gagged the fate of a aging human toilet

The old human toilet already has white hair on his head, but he has yet to fully satisfy his mistress, who had been training him for weeks. Today he has been bound under a gleaming new toilet seat, and the mistress demands nothing more than perfection. To be absolutely still as the stream of piss and shit come down on your open and willing mouth – this is the goal and the desirable result. Dazu’s mouth hurts a little from the clear mouth expander that pushes his lips apart, revealing his yellowing teeth. The pathetic slave closes his eyes in anticipation of the salty bitter shower. The mistress blossoms her anus and begins dropping a thick puddle of sausages on the slave’s teeth. He opens his mouth to receive the gift, and feels that this time, he has done well. The mistress grabs a pair of tongs and mashes the putrid brown shit, that squelches noisily inside the slave’s mouth as he tries to chew on it. This turd is a bit sticky and dry, and it’s now going down his gullet, because it pleases the mistress. The mistress smiles and feigns disgust, plastering the slave’s mouth so that not one morsel of shit can get out. Watch Gagged: The Fate of a Aging Human Toilet! movie

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