Shit & prolapse01

I had held my shit for 2 days and keep it for a slave! I had a hard time holding it all night but managed somehow!! After two days waiting I decided to have some fun and drop a HUUGGEEEE Load into the slave mouth….Splat!!! HUGE Pulsing PROLAPSE Full Rosebud!!! YUMMY! I poo little hard turds even though it’s felt like I had to poo soooo badly! And then even more after pushing and grunting it out. I smell my yummy shit and feel it in my hands ….. I smear it on his face. Ohhh, it smells so good and feel so good to cum. Enjoy everyone!! Watch SHIT & PROLAPSE video

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Pooping and Farting

Pooping and farting01

Fruits food always makes me gassy and today was no different. About one hour after I ate it I started farting like crazy. I wanted to fart right in your nose. I love how the farts start off “dry” but get wet toward the end. Once they started getting wet I knew I had to poop. I let out the shit that was inside of me. I felt so relieved after letting the turds out. I love this video. After I shit I give you a couple short glimpses of my shit. Watch Pooping and Farting movie

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Tasting Delicious Poop

Tasting delicious poop01

Hello, my toilet! This is a special video for all my funs. My poop really turned me on, I loved the color and the look and texture, and it smelled SO good, nice and earthy 😉 You may see me birth huge turds in this video, but you can’t feel this disgusting smell, and, how it tastes…. 😉 I lick and taste my yummy log, it’s SO good! And you should like it too. Lick that shit like a lollypop! Watch Tasting Delicious Poop video

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How Start Good Day?

How start good day01

How will I start my morning? Let’s face it. I might be a sexy girl but just like all of you my ass stinks when it’s not washed. And how about a good lick? I think I’ll put my slave’s inferior tongue to some good use. Maybe I’ll get a big enough kick out of it to even reach an anagasm while he’s washing my asshole with his tongue. He should be grateful that he is even allowed to smell and taste the asshole from a beautiful woman. The fact that he has to taste that shit from my asshole and rectum is of no importance to me. For ME it feels amazing! Every woman should start her day this way 🙂 Watch How Start Good Day? video

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Pooping in my Panties

Pooping in my panties01

I’m desperate in this movie, I want shit and I do it in my panties. In the movie you will see diarrhea in panties! I’m not getting all panties flm, shit is getting to my cunt! Panty Pooping, my favorite one ! Hmmm… Oh yeah ! So tight and comfy to load them 😀 That makes me feel I will do this forever ! 😀 And the last one – Panty Smearing ! Yeah, let’s just smear my bug load and make this game a bit dirtier ! 🙂 My total result is this new shitty panties is awesome !!! Watch Pooping in my Panties video

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